I am very upset that I called and cancelled this order before it was delivered and they still billed my card, and I don't get the magazines. I have made several phone calls regarding this matter, but I keep getting the same information that they will not future bill me.

The offer was if you were not satisified you can call and get a full refund. That information it totally incorrect. I called again this morning and explained that they have charged my card for 3 magazines that I do not want.

She offered to cancel but to allow me to continue to receive the magazines for $5.97 for 11 issues. I refused.

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Franklin, Tennessee, United States #992916

If this happens to you:

When you are charged a serious amount of money, or even a little bit, from a subscription that you honestly have NO idea where, and when it came from...Seriously call 203-595-8255. Full Refunds, and money is put into your account within 72 hours.


I called the 877-813-0320 number given by:Jeff's report on 7/25/10. and I think it worked, they gave me a conf. number so we will see. Thank you Jeff for sharing!


6. Written by Jeff, on 25-07-2010 23:14

I went directly to Sports Illustrated and Time to cancel...they gave me a different number to call 877-813-0320...hope this helps someone Newsub *** and someone should look into these kinds of practices. I am more disappointed with FYE for tricking me into this than I am with Newsub. It will be Best Buy and Target for me from now on.


I went to their website magcustomerservice.com and cancelled my subscriptions before being charged. I received cancellation numbers, and hopefully the charges will not go through. I didn't have much luck calling the hotlines.


Cancel by talking to the rep as Nate says. The automated system is designed to mislead as it says it canceled it but what it means is that it canceled any future billings and will continue to send you magazines for at least another year as they charged you for it already.


Thank you for this post! I returned from a two-year overseas military deployment to find all these magazines I never ordered!

(I was told I agreed to them when I made a clothing purchase from a catalog--but I know this is not true!) When I called the number on my credit card statement, I followed the automated prompts to cancel my subscription, but instead they were renewed and my card was charged again! This is just plain FRAUD if you ask me! I will try the other phone numbers given here. Wish me luck!


Has anyone here contacted the Better Business Bureau about these practices? I plan to--I hope you will too.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, United States #172877

michelle pushing a bunch of numbers does work haha good job! IM about to have at it on one of these sons of ***!

Strasburg, Pennsylvania, United States #172876

This same *** happened to me.... I really wish I could reach through this here phone and give them some money through my fist... I would sign anything to give these folks what they deserve!


I went directly to Sports Illustrated and Time to cancel...they gave me a different number to call 877-813-0320...hope this helps someone Newsub sucks and someone should look into these kinds of practices. I am more disappointed with FYE for tricking me into this than I am with Newsub. It will be Best Buy and Target for me from now on.


Thank you so much to everyone! The crazy number pushing worked!


I AM FURIOUS!@@ It's been PAST the 72 hours and my refund has not been credited. I am now contacting the U.S. Attorney Generals Office.


Called 203-595-8255 and supposedly they will be giving me a refund in 72 hours. I will definitely check my credit card statement.

They auto-renewed me in December and when I called then they said they would make a note not to renew again. Today they confirmed I was on the non-renew list but I was still renewed.

I'm planning to download the forms from the Attorney General's office and report them for illegal business practices. I encourage you all to do the same.


i called to cancel my renewal on my magazines that i received in the mail and as we all know their system is the worse i ve ever came across. it cancelled all but 1 and billed my card so then i called it again and when i started pushing numbers it gave my this number 800-601-1958 it s automated also but when you start punching numbers it will connect you with a live person and supposively will be receiving a return to my card within 1-2 days.


I appreciate the comment by Nate. The number 203-595-8255 he provided actually connects you to someone who can transfer to a representative at the NewSub Magazine.

I was able to get a re-fund for the recent charge of $51.00. At least, that is what they said; we'll see. Here is my piece of experience with them. When I called to cancel in 2008, I have been offered a year subscription for a dollar.

Period. No "small font" below; that was a machine talking. And now this gal was trying to explain the automated renewal which was never even mentioned.

Also, another advice: if you cancel with a publisher and even get a printed confirmation, it does not necessarily mean that NewSub will stop sending you the issues and charging.

So, keep an eye on your billing statements and call the number above. Good luck.


I also called the direct number listed on their website 203-595-8255 and asked to speak with someone in the New Sub Magazine Division. I spoke with Mike who quickly canceled all the subscriptions and told me I'd have a refund within 72 business hours.


I have been trying to get in touch with NewSub Magazine Services and all I get is the *** automated answering system...which HIGHLY pissed me off!!!! So I took Kharis advice and start hitting random numbers until they sent me to a REAL person. Now I'm getting my total and complete refund (I hope) NEVER AGAIN will I use this service!


I WAS PISSED BECAUSE THEY CHARGED AN UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTION TO MY CARD :( ; But all you need to so is call either18008843350 or 18883216247 and listen to the automated system. AS SOON as the system comes on, begin typing in random numbers and jibberish to all of its questions.

After about 7-10 tries it will connect you to a REAL BREATHING/LIVE PERSON. Once you are connected, REQUEST YOUR FULL REFUND- it worked for me 5mins ago :grin


Oh my goodness! you are so right, the magazine company itself will do nothing.

I have just spent considerable time and frustration trying to cancel a subscription for which I did not get a renewal card - only automated answering system!!!!!!

A friend just told me to try inputing the credit card number a couple of digits off, apparently they match to your phone number and that might signal a "real live person" to answer!!!! Here we go


I thank whoever supplied the Florida call center phone number, I actually was able to speak with a human, and cancelled all my subscriptions and received a confirmation number and supposedly they recorded the conversation for quality control!! I was given the name David Korbusieski/Vendor Relations Manager who can be contacted regarding subscriptions/ cancelations etc... PO Box 30468 Salt Lake City UT 84130 (Through the Synapses Group Inc.)


I suggest calling Synapse's direct number listed on their website 203-595-8255 and ask to speak with someone in the New Sub Magazine Division. I spoke to an individual right away.

I admit I was very angry when I made the call, but in spite of this the customer service rep was courteous. Somehow this company is allowed to automatically renew subscriptions in your name and charge your credit card without your current consent. I have an elderly friend with a mailbox overflowing with unwanted magazines.

In the process of trying to cancel these, I discovered that New Sub had renewed subscriptions to 11 different magazines until 2017 and charged hundreds of dollars to my friend's credit card! I thank the Consumer Reports rep I spoke with for telling me that is was New Sub that had renewed the subscription to their magazine.


Same thing happened to me. I called and asked to have my subscriptions cancelled, they send you a letter saying that if you do not want to continue anymore then just dont answer the letter and thats what i did.

I just didnt reply to the renewal letter but guess what, they are still charging me. I called the first time and they cancelled it but did not remove the charge from my credit card.

Now whenever I call, i only get automated answering system that does not have an option to talk to them directly and does not identify the problem. Do not use them, the individual magazine companies will not help you and they will just keep taking your money.

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