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Thanks for the info about not pushing any buttons. It took 10 min but got a real person and confirmation #. I asked for extension so I could reach Debbie Taylor (a real name??)if I have any other problems. Of course that is not possible, but if you push the 0 button TWICE you should get a real person!

I never ordered any mags they sent them to me as a free gift when I purchased a book! Nothing in life is free!!! This company insisted by law they must send out renewal info but they never did! Who checks up on them? With as many complaints I have read today someone should! This is a scam and a disgrace!

I also tried calling the magazine itself( cooking light, Time, and National Geographic) but they told me they could not cancel any orders placed by New Sub.

Here is an address I obtained who knows if it is real but my fury is too great not to write letter.


PO BOX 30468

Salt Lake City Utah 84130

I also encourage everyone not to just vent here but call the Better Business Burrow and report this company!

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Web Site:

Operator: 800-586-5234, Press 0.


Thanks Lynn.I dialed 00 and talked to a real person.

He tried talking me into 6 more months for 2 bucks.

Some people don't listen.Thanks again.


Received a "we will keep sending your subscription" postcard.Funny thing, I have not ordered any publications.Tried and really tried to get ahold of someone.

Yep, alot of magazines came that I did not order. Then they are saying if I do not pay, it's off to collections and there goes your credit! Make sure to write to the company and send it certified. If you end up in court you can prove everything.

Oh, by the way california law says if you did not order it, it's free.

After the court date, it was amazing that the magazines stopped!What a hassle!@#$% :(


after reading all the complaints I can't believe this "company" can't be stopped. If you have been abused by them be persistent!! It took me half a day and many calls to have the charges refunded [I hope] Good luck and I will be contacting the BBB!


I found a number under another name. Still a subsidiary of Synapse. I finally got to talk to someone. I told them my address and name and they said no subscriptions. It took a few more questions to get them to look it up to cancel. It's a scam. I hope to get reimbursed! Synapse Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Inc.

225 High Ridge Road – East Bldg

Stamford, CT 06905

1-877-294-1093. This is the worse company ever.


these are very shady folks.they keep calling (harrassing phone calls from blocked caller ID) trying to get credit card info and saying I'm already signed up for a bunch of *** that I never agreed to.

I accepted a free one-year sub to 1 mag and now the torture never stops.

The mag itself keeps referring me back to them and says they can't cancel their own mag!WTF?!!

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